Meal Plans

Welcome to Fairmont State University

FSU dining services are managed by Aladdin Food Management Services, LLC. Here at Fairmont State University we offer a program that meets the needs of today’s college student. Each year you will experience exciting changes, fresh menus, and new enhancements to your dining program. These changes are a result of the feedback and input of many students and staff members.

Meal Plans  2022-2023

We are pleased to present great meal plan options for our students. Each meal plan offers a variety of meal options satisfying varied dietary requirements, personal tastes, and individual schedules. Whichever one you choose, you know you are getting excellent meals at a terrific value.

Traditional Meal Plans


Traditional Meal Plans entitle you to a fixed number of meals per week, valid during all serving periods, for use within the Falcon Center Dining Hall.

There are no carryovers or refunds for FLEX DOLLARS. FLEX DOLLARS may be used at any of our food service locations.


15 Meal Plan:  $2,287.00 ($250.00 Flex) per Semester

This plan allows you to attend fifteen meals per week, including weekends.  Additionally you receive $250.00 in FLEX DOLLARS to purchase a meal for a visitor or classmate or to do some shopping at any of our food service locations.  This plan has evolved for the students to limit the number of meals available, yet still have the ability to use the plan any day of the week, including weekends.


19 Meal Plan:  $2,378.00 ($175.00 Flex) per Semester

This plan allows you to attend all 19 meals offered each week. That means every breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner, including weekends. You can’t go hungry with the 19 Meal plan.  Additionally, you receive $175.00 in FLEX DOLLARS to purchase a meal for a visitor or classmate or for some shopping at any of our food service locations.



Block Meal Plans

The Ultimate:  $2,506.00 ($350.00 Flex) per Semester

This plan allows you to swipe 210 times (210 meals) in the Dining Hall, plus $ 350.00 in FLEX DOLLARS.

Eating Made Easy:  $2,057.00 ($300.00 Flex) per Semester

This plan allows you to swipe 160 times (160 meals) in the Dining Hall, plus $300.00 in FLEX DOLLARS.



Commuter Meal Plans

On the Go*:  $493.00 per Semester - Declining Balance


Falcon Fuel*:  $218.00 per Semester - Declining Balance


*The On the Go & Falcon Fuel plans are only for students who are commuting, living in the apartments, OR needing to reload a block plan.



Please call 304-367-4141 to inquire about Meal Plans.

If you wish to change your meal plan, contact The Office of Residence Life to make this change. You can stop in their office or send them an email at

Flex Dollars can be used at any dining facility on campus.

Meal Plans can only be changed through the first week of classes.



Falcon Dining Dollars

• Forget about the hassle and inconvenience of finding cash for your meals on campus by opening a FALCON DOLLARS pre-paid account. Funds may be added in increments of $50, with an initial set MINIMUM of $50. FALCON DOLLARS can be used at any of our food service locations.

• Got the munchies for a late night snack? Between meal treat? We’ve got the answer…FALCON DOLLARS is a pre-paid declining balance account that allows you to satisfy your snack attacks whenever they happen!


FSU students, faculty, and staff can add money to their ID card by calling or visiting FSU student services, located in the Turley Center (304-367-4141).

PC&TC students, faculty, and staff can add money to their ID card by calling or visiting PC&TC student services, located in Hardway Hall (304-367-4907).



Special Services


Box Lunches

Student teachers and students with classes scheduled at the Caperton Center or other off-campus locations may take advantage of pre-ordering a box lunch. Ask the cafeteria cashier for the order form.

Meals to Go

You may request your meal “to go” when your schedule does not permit you to relax and dine in the dining room. Ask the cashier for details and limitations.


Creative selections are available on every menu to provide a nutritional alternative for vegetarians.

Dietary Needs

We will make every possible effort to accommodate your special dietary needs and restrictions. If you have a medically prescribed diet, please stop in and discuss your needs with the Food Service Director (ext. #4768). We will acquire additional products and supplies if necessary to make sure your traditional needs are met.

Food Service Committee

The Food Service Committee, which is comprised of the Food Service Manager, Manager of Campus Operations, the Vice President for Student Services, and student representatives, welcomes your comments and suggestions concerning food service.

If you have any ideas about the Dining Hall or Meal Options, you may contact a committee member, drop a note in the suggestion box,email us a comment, or speak to the Food Service Director.

If you are interested in being a member of the committee contact the Food Service Director.

Registered Dietician

We have a wealth of resources available to our guests, including the expert guidance of a registered dietitian. Arrangements can be made for individual consultations concerning any dietary need, such as sports nutrition, weight control, food allergies, or medically prescribed diets.

Special Events

Everyone looks forward to our monthly buffets and special events.  We have holiday-themed menus and events throughout the year.  Please keep an eye on table tents, banners, and events calendar informing you of what is coming.

Lost Card Policy

You must present your ID card to the cashier each time you enter the Dining Hall. Please do not ask the cashier to admit you without your ID card. If you lose your ID card, you MUST purchase a new one at Campus Card Services located at First Floor of the Falcon Center. 

Service Regulations

Your understanding and observation of the following regulations will guarantee smooth, efficient operation of the Dining Hall.

  • Students must obey the University personal appearance regulations while in the Dining Hall.
  • Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.
  • No outside food and drinks are allowed in the Dining Hall; Food from outside sources is prohibited in the dining hall area, you may dine at the area outside the Dining Hall.
  • You are not permitted to take food from the Dining Hall; if you eat in the Dining Hall, you are not allowed to use a to-go box after you have eaten in the Dining Hall.
  • You are not permitted to enter the dining area inside the Dining Hall unless you have paid for the all-you-can-eat meal. If you purchase a-la-carte meal, you are welcome to dine at the dining area outside the Dining Hall.
  • To avoid waste, you should choose one entrée when entering the served lines. More entrees are available for seconds.
  • After dining, please return all dishes, cups, bowls, & flatware to the dish return and leave your table and chairs neat and clean.
  • Please behave courteously at all times.
  • You will not be granted credit for any meals missed.
  • We also ask that you abide by all of the Aladdin policies.

Dining Area Restrictions

You are not permitted to engage in the following activities in the dining area:

Removal of food or dinnerware from the dining area

Use of electronics devices that detract from the dining experience of other guests

Playing of personal music devices without headphones

Leaning back in Dining Room Chairs

Dining Hall personnel reserve the right to dismiss or suspend you from the dining area for inappropriate behavior.

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